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     PDAC 2012 Open Session
Bloom PDAC What Gold Value Do I Use 04 2012Assaying for Gold: Which results do I use?
The fire assay method is the industry standard for gold determinations but there can be over a dozen variations to choose from at commercial laboratories.   Multiple assays may be reported for a sample if the laboratory reports duplicate or replicate assays and if repeats by an alternate method are requested to verify higher grade concentrations.
The industry standard for resource estimation is to use the “first” assay reported, although some resource geologists may also use the “best quality” assay.  There is generally agreement that an average of the reported assays is not used for resource estimation.
Submission of samples for gold assays requires an understanding how selecting instrumental or gravimetric finish will impact fire assay determinations.  Selecting samples for repeat analyses on the basis of previously reported gold grades can generate lower values for repeat assays.  The pitfalls and solutions will be presented using case histories.

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