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Analytical Solutions Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of OREAS CRMs for companies based* in Canada and the United States.  We are also authorized to service companies based* in Mexico, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, Iceland, the Caribbean.
If your company is based* outside of these countries / regions please contact: or go to
Please contact us at if you require any assistance in purchasing OREAS CRMs.
* The country where you are based is where we send the invoice.  We will ship worldwide.

Certified Reference Materials (CRM)


Mining companies have a responsibility to investors, financiers and the board of directors, to ensure that appropriate samples have been collected and that assays are compliant with NI 43-101 regulations. Monitoring laboratory data improves confidence in ore reserves, drill target selection and company management.

As the North American representative for Ore Research & Exploration Pty Ltd (ORE) Analytical Solutions Ltd. provides Certified Reference Materials for Mining & Exploration.  ORE is a leading producer of certified reference materials (CRMs) for the mining, exploration and analytical industries. Led by respected expert, Dr Paul Hamlyn, ORE’s core competency is the preparation of the highly regarded OREAS range of ready-to-use CRMs client-supplied materials sourced from advanced projects and operations throughout the world.

OREAS certified reference materials (CRM) are intended to provide a low cost method of evaluating and improving the quality of precious and base metal analysis of geological samples.

  • To the explorationist, they provide an important control in analytical data sets related to exploration from the grass roots level through to resource definition.
  • To the mine geologist, they provide a tool for grade control in routine mining operations.
  • To the analyst, they provide an effective means of calibrating analytical equipment, assessing new techniques and routinely monitoring in-house procedures.

Why Choose CRM's from Analytical Solutions & ORE?

Full Service Facility

  • ORE offers a complete CRM service, including preparation, packaging and are certified to ISO 9001 standards. ORE’s extensive crushing, milling, blending and packaging facilities are housed in separate buildings dedicated to the production of quality assured CRMs.

Dedicated to preparation of certified reference materials since 1988

  • ORE has been producing certified reference materials (CRMs) for over 20 years. The production of CRMs, both the OREAS range and site specific (custom), is ORE’s core business.  In over 20 years ORE has NOT produced a Custom or OREAS CRM that was uncertifiable due to poor repeatability.

Specifically tailored for exploration and mining projects

  • The OREAS range of CRMs are prepared from natural ore and rock samples sourced from deposits throughout the world and cover a spectrum of concentrations and mineralisation styles. Developed exclusively for the mining industry, they are distributed worldwide in over 60 countries. Packaging is predominantly in 10 and 60g single-use units using robust laminated foil pouches with erasable labels or in bulk form in lots of 500g to 25kg. Sulphide-bearing materials are packaged under inert gas or vacuum packed to ensure long term stability.  Custom packaging is available.  ORE CRMs can be used to directly and quantitatively evaluate laboratory analytical precision and accuracy, without the ambiguity associated with products of lesser quality.

Hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide

  • ORE is highly respected internationally, with over 400 clients worldwide. The ORE Assay Standards (OREAS) range of CRMs have been developed specifically for the mining industry. ORE is proud to boast a high level of repeat business from many satisfied clients, ranging from major mining corporations to mid-tier and junior miners along with numerous commercial laboratories.

Experience with all ore types, tailings and metallurgical products

  • CRMs service benefit from our extensive experience in the production of precious, base metal, REE and lithogeochemical materials. We have produced CRMs for numerous ore types including: gold, gold-silver, gold-copper-(molybdenum), copper, copper-gold-uranium, copper-molybdenum, iron, nickel laterite, nickel sulphide, zinc oxide, Zn-Pb-Ag sulphide and oxide, polymetallic (Au-Cu-Zn-Pb-Ag), platinum group elements, tungsten, uranium, rare earth elements (REE), manganese, phosphate, concentrates, tails and related metallurgical materials, tin, molybdenum, chromium, phosphorous, niobium-tantalum and multi-element lithogeochemistry.ORE is able to offer quality assurance on the homogeneity of all CRMs produced, regardless of the nature of source materials.

Guaranteed homogeneity of even the most difficult ores

  • Even for nuggety gold source materials the superior level of homogeneity exhibited by ORE’s CRMs means that observed variance can be attributed almost exclusively to laboratory measurement error. Homogeneity test results are included in all Certificates of Analysis with all ore grade gold CRMs undergoing stringent homogeneity testing by neutron activation analysis at a reduced analytical subsample size of 0.5 grams.

Preparation and certification to ISO standards

  • Sophisticated proprietary technology ensures high levels of homogeneity, with industry-leading repeatability demonstrated for all gold ores down to a 0.5 gram analytical subsample. All CRMs are prepared and certified to ISO standards and are supplied with comprehensive documentation.  ORE uses an established network of world class analytical laboratories in round robin certification programs generally by evaluation at a minimum of 15 recognized mineral testing laboratories.

  • Joint ventures to develop CRMs available on request

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